Tactical LRA Light Carbon Fiber Bipod For Hunting Rifle

(12 customer reviews)


Best Materials – Material Carbon fiber Ultimate Lightweight yet Rock Solid
Built in cant – Easy to follow live moving targets
Extendable & Rotating Legs – Performs well in Different Height/Terrain
Rubber & Tungsten Carbide Feet – Keep steady


LRA Carbon Fiber Bipod

LRA Carbon Fiber Bipod

LRA Carbon Fiber Bipod

This long leg Long Range Accuracy Light Tactical Bipod adjusts from 6.6″ to 10″ with a 10° left and right adjustable cant and legs positions including 0°, 22°, 45°, and 90°.
Material  Carbon fiber
Weight  1.4 lbs
Dimensions  W: 11 – 14″
 H: 7″ – 10″
 L: 12″
Item Condition  New


12 reviews for Tactical LRA Light Carbon Fiber Bipod For Hunting Rifle

  1. billcarlson201

    I like how it fits on the gun. I wish the legs were abled to be a little closer together for the case

  2. kingashes0

    This item came in a few days b4 the date it was supposed to arrive. Good seller

  3. aletikho-uixgo

    excellent bipod i ever have, thank you very much

  4. ildatyulegeno_0

    Thanks! Super Bipod???

  5. unclebear62

    Thanks John! Jesus loves you and wants you to live with Him in heaven 4EVR!

  6. bowtec76

    AWESOME product

  7. bossmanbird990

    I’m a retired army sniper: I have to admit I was skeptical about purchasing a piece of equipment for my rifle, such as this bipod online without actually get to look and feel the quality of the piece. My curiosity had gotten the best of me and decided to take a chance on this product. This bipod by far is the best bipod I have ever used both in military life and now as a civilian life. Very well made sturdy construction and very stable, the pivoting locking legs and the additional swivel mount that comes with it sold me on taking that chance, extremely happy I took that chance. I highly recommend anyone looking for a new bipod for their rifle or their next build to purchase one of these bipods well worth their asking price. However there is one draw back if you decide to purchase this item, the bipod is wider which in turn gives you better stability but makes it tougher to store in a hard case, but it’s a small price to pay by taking off the bipod with ease with a few turns of the thumb screw. That being said it is the best bipod I’ve ever used and ever will use.

  8. Randall Booker

    Helps hold rifle steady. I’ve used it at long range shooting matches with no problems.

  9. tassu_dnr

    Arrived safely and fast, thanks! Good quality.

  10. WeRunGuns

    The quality of the bipod is great and it certainly feels heavy duty. I like how the legs extend pretty long which is ideal for certain environments (high grass/brush). Quick detach makes it easy to put on and off.

  11. jimmyp0p_walkonwater

    ok! дуже швидко! хороший продукт. потрібно краще пакувати

  12. I S Finu

    I really like the the construction of this bipod and price point. Mostly metal and abs type of material for the legs are a bit minus but reduces weight I suppose. Looks great on my airgun and added stability for bench shooting. I’m okay with it unless you’re willing to spend more for the same function.

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